Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does all the money raised stay here in NC, supporting our NC Small Businesses?

A: YES! Our goal is to help as many NC Small Businesses as possible. That includes not only the businesses listed here, but us (we have bills too), but we use local printers and fulfillment wherever possible. 

Q: How Much money goes back to each NC Small Business?

A: $10 from each tee shirt sold, and $9 from each coffee mug goes directly back the business that you choose. The balance covers the shirt and production costs.

Q: When do businesses get their money?

A: We process all Support Reports each Monday for the prior weeks sales, and forward the the report along with the money within 2 business days.

Q: How do the small businesses get there support?

A: We prefer to use EFT's, either through PayPal, Venmo or direct bank-to-bank transfer. We can also issue a certified or cashier's check and mailed directly to the business or business owner (5 - 7 business day processing time and a processing charge applies).

Q: How long does it take to get to get my order?

A: Orders are processed daily, and enter production the following day. Normal production time is 3 - 5 business days, but of course with the current Covid-19 situation, we may run a few days longer. Regardless, you'll be notified by email when your order is processed and when it ships. Tracking numbers will be provided by email as too. 

Q: Why are there different price points for tees?

A: We have tried to keep the price point to $20. For a basic tee, that's no problem. For the Limited Edition tees, and fashion tees (v-necks, the super soft tees, etc.), those simply cost more. Also, sizes XXL and up have a size up-charge: more material = slightly higher price. 

Q: How are the items printed, traditional screen printing?

A: We utilize the latest in digital Direct To Garment (DTG) technology for our tees. This allows us to print vibrant, full color graphics with no set up fees on virtually any type of tee. For our coffee mugs, we digital submlimation technology, again giving awesome, vibrant, full color prints that last. 

Q: If I have an issue with my order, am I able to return or exchange my purchase?

A: Depending on the reason, absolutely! For complete details on returning and refunds, please see our Return Policy.