About Us

A new day, a new way to support North Carolina's small businesses.

Covid-19 or not, the business landscape is constantly changing. As small business owners, we're facing more challenges than ever before, all magnified.

Small businesses are not only the backbone of our city and state economies, they contribute greatly to the success of us as a Nation.

They can’t live without us. We can’t live without them. Period. 

Based here in Raleigh, HereToStayNC.com is one of the many small businesses navigating a challenging new business landscape. What started out as a fundraising effort to raise money for small businesses when Covid-19 first hit, we have realized we can help all types of small businesses, groups, schools charities and more get through Covid-19, and beyond. And if we all work together, we might just save a few too.

Risk Free. No Inventory. No Upfront Costs.
We offer small businesses an online merchandise presence for apparel, coffee mugs, posters, and more through a HereToStayNC.com Collection. Sign your business or group up here.

When you buy from a specific collection, all proceeds go back directly to that specific small business. When you shop the Here To Stay Collection, you can choose who to support when you check out from the dropdown. 

Help us help our NC Small Businesses.
Our goal is to help as many small businesses as we can - those that need the support, and those that need the work. Wherever possible, we use North Carolina based suppliers and printers to help them retain their employees and their families, and help keep as much business as possible in the great State of North Carolina.

Thank you for your support!