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About Us

Our Goal: Make sure we’re all “Here to stay”!

Thanks for checking us out! We not only hope you like what we're doing, but will join us on our mission to make sure that the small businesses of North Carolina are Here To Stay!

Click a link below to learn more, but in a nutshell, here's how this all works:

Simply buy something.

A t-shirt, coffee mug, hat, whatever you want. The proceeds from your purchase go 1 of 2 places:

1. If you buy it from a specific small business collection, the proceeds go directly to them.

2. If you buy from a general collection ( such as Graphic Tees, Here To Stay, University Collection, etc.), you choose where the money goes when you check out. Just click the dropdown, choose a small business, charity or group, and we'll handle the rest! Have a business, charity or group you'd like to sign up? Click here.

Simple as that.

Thanks for visiting, and check out the links below for more information. If you've purchased something, thank you from us, our business partners and most importantly, the NC small businesses you're helping!


Click a link to learn more.

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